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In the Everglades with Nick

Hey Todd

Just wanted to touch base with you. We just got back from the Everglades this weekend and the trailer was beyond awesome to have. I love this thing!  We had the trailer loaded down and brought two canoes. The trailer drove like it wasn’t even back there. Thanks again for hooking me up with it. You should be getting a few calls on some potential leads. I spread the word all over the place down there.

If you ever get the chance you’ve got to get down there. I could have jumped on 50+ gators they were so close. (laying in the road) We went looking for some saltwater crocs and found a few of those as well. That is the only area in the coastal US where you can find crocs. I had to relocate two cottonmouths at our camp on the last night.

Nick K.   Fayetteville AR

Nebraska and Back

“Hi Todd, I have been meaning to email you.We have taken the trailer 20+ times to Neb and back. Almost every trip,when getting gas or lunch, someone asks about the trailer. It is perfect for luggage, tools etc and still weather tight! Also, doesn’t suck a lot of gas to tow at 75MPH.
Great product!!” Bob and Vicki