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A case for Space.

The Olson Story.



You could say that the wheels have been turning since the late 70’s in our family. In 1979, we reinvented the wheel with the original Rollerblade® Inline Skates in our parents’ basement. Since the inception of Rollerblade®, Brennan and I have dreamed about starting another company that would bring the same passion — and also offer a product that would have an equally positive impact.


In addition to experiencing the Rollerblade phenomenon, we were fortunate enough to own a lake home. On weekends, our parents would hook up the trailer to the F150 pickup, load us all up in the back with a mattress, boom box, two dogs and a sack lunch, and head northbound to our Minnesota cabin. Trips north are still a frequent occurrence with our families. Gone are the boom box, mattress and rickety tarp-covered trailer — today its iPods, seat belts and, of course, a SPACE™ Trailer.


Our family has always shared a passion for the outdoors. It was during a weekend up north in the spring of 2009, when Brennan and I made a pact to purchase more fuel-efficient cars, knowing that space would be an issue. We agreed that kids, dogs and the gear we needed were not options to leave behind. So around the campfire, SPACE™ Trailers was born.


Starting out as a lightweight trailer that fuel efficient cars could tow, SPACE™ Trailers has evolved into a class of its own. The “Swiss army knives” of trailers, SPACE can be transformed and customized into whatever you want it to be.

Similar to when my siblings and I mounted wheels on our hockey skates and hit the streets to introduce the public to inline skating — we are now hitting the streets with a “lightweight sport trailer” that we know will also turn some heads.

With big smiles, the wheels are still turning, especially for outdoor and travel fanatics like us.

Todd Olson
Todd Olson

Brennan Olson
Brennan Olson